Here ya go!   I have been singing and doing voices (Characters) ever since the first day the Dr Smacked my ass! Well I think it was a Hot nurse! I said Whaaaaaaaaa!  As far as I remember I sang and mimicked everything I heard. My mother would play John Denver and My Father would play Led Zeppelin and I would constantly watch “The Bugs Bunny Road Runner Show”  I guess the combination of both bands and all the cartoons I watched  is where I began developing my Range. Time passed by and I got my first guitar at 9 yrs of age. At that time I was getting into Alice Cooper and Pink Floyd while all My friends were into KISS. I dug KISS too but I really dug what Alice Cooper was doing. As the fundamentals began and more time passed by the 80’s showed up at my door.  I got into Poison a bit but was more into Dokken during the 80’s Hair day. Then all of the sudden I discovered Judas Priest but not until ‘Screaming For Vengeance’ album. Yes I was late to discover Judas Priest. I missed out on all there classic albums until later. At this time I mainly played lead guitar and still would sing. Then I got into Iron Maiden. Yes this is bad ass I said. Next thing I knew Fates Warning and Metal Church were introduced to me by of course my great Drummer friend Steve Weller. Then Queensryche. Wow the great vocals started coming into my long term memory, “What did you say” lol Now the twist. at about 17 yrs old I got into a FOLK KICK! I played 12 string guitar and sang John Denver and Dan Folgelberg and wrote my own Folk music. So the last 2 yrs of High School all of my friends and class mates would call me ‘Jeff Colorado’ I still cranked out the Metal but I really was into the folk thing. During this whole time I still was developing my Metal Scream. I believe with the combo of range I sang with John Denver music (The biggest clean range vocalist of all time R I P) and all the thrash metal I was into created my scream of today. Now back to the Metal singing. A friend of mine had a band and the singer got to drunk and they were playing a party and the singer passed out. Put in mind I was still doing nothing but Folk at this time age 20. My friend asked me to get up and finish the show, I was rusty but went for it. I sang “Take Hold Of The Flame” I was a little stumbling on some singing parts a tad but nailed the Scream. Hence my metal came back and sang metal ever since. Now I still sing my folk all the time too and that keeps my voice strong. “Vocalizing you would say” Fast forward to age 24. Lost my voice doing a show when I had Bronchitis a big mistake but over 500 people there and Radio WAZU from Dayton was there. I pulled through with remedies and Jim Beam but lost my vocals for a good 4 months (I don’t drink alcohol when I sing anymore. Only when I do my yard work:>) So when this happened I searched for a vocal coach and began taking Opera classes from Paul Cordell at Wittenberg University in Springfield OHIO. Not as a full time student just as a side class in their music department. So yes I can sing Opera.  I got the voice back and stronger and time went by and I moved to Orlando with a good friend Cliff. I joined a band called Soul Spill. It was cool but I didn’t really get to do what I wanted. We did make a 3 song demo. My first CD. Florida was a blast but I mainly partied to much with the heat and the Babes so my music career at that time was just a party only. The band let me go but it was for the best. I met a lady and moved to Illinois and got married and had a daughter and Step son and quit the music for a while. I would still do the acoustic thing and auditioned for a couple bands but went no where. A few years passed and I began getting the bug. I bought a Bass and bass rig and joined a couple bands and played bass but singing is where my heart was. Through this whole time of my working Road construction and driving an 18 wheeler semi I would always goof off to friends with my screaming. And my sustain grew along with it. I would try to scream until I almost passed out. My friends and co workers would get a kick out of it. One day I went to Guitar Center in Bridgeton MO and I would always deal with Paul Wood. He said he had a friend that wanted a screamer vocalist to record with then the song “Rock Is Forever” was created. After that I was introduced to an awesome dude named German Arbelaez by my friend Tim Rollins from Rollins Bros Music. German worked in LA but retired and moved back to Springfield Illinois. He was  The Real Deal!  As he was working with me and getting my name out there he passed away. I was numb and in shock. But I took his advice to continue to sing and scream the way I do. And as you hear these songs on this site you will hear a part of German’s advise speaking through me. He told me to never give up. So now I’m seeking the right producer and record company to sign me on! Either VII or MAMMOTH YEAH Or even if a record company is seeking a metal vocalist to fill a spot in an upcoming band or even an established band. A couple more goals would be to sing on An Yngwie Malmsteen album or on a Roy Z Album or George Lynch. A tall order but I think I am good enough to be with the pros.    Rock on and keep the metal alive!!


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