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cropped-cropped-cropped-Massive-Destruction.jpg    Deadly Sins 1

  1. IRA 

2.  Vanagloria

3. Luxuria

4. Superbia

5. Gula

6. Acidia/Tristia

7. Avarice





VII hails from States with their concept album “Deadly Sins” which is about Dante’s epic poem “The Divine Comedy”. They are still in the process of finding a decent record company so make sure to pay attention to this one.

Concept albums can be tricky thing to handle but VII does a professional work. Songs are working really well and tight together with a touch from progressive to thrashy metal elements. You can hear Priest, Maiden, Dream Theater and some Iced Earth influences especially in stand out songs such as headbanging “Ira (wrath)”, my favourite sin “Luxuria (lust)” and pounding “Vanagloria (vanity)”. Listen to all those screams and especially the guitar work from “Superbia (pride)” to see why you should be talking about this album.

I gotta admit I almost wet myself hearing the singer Isaac Tempest’s (Jeff Massie) vocal work. It is that amazing with his spine chilling high-pitched screaming. Yet, nothing bad to say from other band members also so I’m waiting the next VII album with a thrill or this one to get kicked out big time. Maybe with a better song arrangements this Check out their website to hear the tracks and to get more info about this band.

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